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Recently, I was at a friend’s house and I noticed that she was thawing a dinner from one of those meal assembly kitchens. You know the kind, where you go and assemble meals from a handful of choices, place them in baggies and take them home to cook or freeze. I have been a patron of this type of business in the past and have had varying results from the meals but I understand the connivence it offers. Now that I am in the business of providing meals, I see the dinner thawing on her counter in a whole new light.

First let’s talk about the contents of her bags. In one was a handful of raw unseasoned chicken tenders, the next was a baggie of sauce and the third was a baggie of cashews. The instructions were worded well and easy to follow. They basically said to cook the chicken, heat and reduce the sauce, add nuts and pour the sauce over the cooked tenders. The price on this meal was $20. Now that sounds pretty good until you realize there was no side dish and my friend was required to do all the work! She had to cook the entire meal and then wash and clean up afterward. Her $20 was buying her the convenience of someone else portioning out raw ingredients and telling her what to do with them.

On the other hand, a meal from The Dinner Belle requires little to no work on my client’s part. Usually heating the oven and throwing away the container at the end of the meal is the most work required. I take the time to carefully prep, season and cook your meal to perfection. An example of this would be the Smoky Turkey Shepherd’s Pie that I made for a client this week. For this dinner, I shopped for the freshest ingredients, chopped, prepped and slow cooked all of the filling, cooked and hand mashed the potatoes and put it all together in an oven proof disposable pan. All my client needs to do is preheat the oven, put the dish in for the required time and serve it to her family. During the time that it is heating, she can help her boys with their homework and be truly present for her family. She’s not trying to multi-task while making sure she doesn’t burn the chicken tenders!

Experience the difference The Dinner Belle can make in your busy life. All the meal planning, shopping and cooking is done for you. Plus you can feel good about what you are feeding your family as I never used processed ingredients and everything is made from scratch. Contact me to see how I can bring peace back into your evening routine.