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Do you have family or friends coming in town for the holidays?  A great time saving idea is to have meals from The Dinner Belle in your freezer, ready to heat. Having homemade meals from wholesome ingredients all taken care of ahead of time frees you up to focus on being with your family during this busy time of year. No need to order pizza or pick up a prepared meal full of processed high calorie ingredients from the grocery store. Your personal chef service will create any meal you want in the perfect portion size for your family. Are you going to the mountains for the holidays? Let me stock coolers full of meals to bring with you to save you the hassle of expensive and crowded resort restaurants. If you are in the Denver area and want me to make your holiday easier, please contact

Here are just a few of the premade meals you can have in your freezer, ready to go:

Chicken Tortilla Soup: Perfect for the freezer. Fresh tomatoes,spices,chicken stock and slow roasted shredded chicken make this soup a perfect combination of healthy and hearty. Topped with Monterey Jack cheese and crunchy tortilla chips this soup is Mexico in a bowl.

Roast Salmon with dueling sauces: Two fresh pieces of salmon. The first will be prepared fresh with a creamy avocado sauce. The second will be prepared for freezing with an Italian Puttanesca sauce made from tomatoes, olives, and capers.

Indonesian Ginger Chicken: Honey, soy sauce and fresh ginger are the key flavors of this incredible delicious chicken, hot or cold. Prepared for the freezer, just defrost and bake. Use the left-over the next day in a sandwich or salad.

Crispy Maryland Crab Cakes with Spicy Remoulade Dressing: I lived in Maryland for 8 years and learned how to make crab cakes from the best. Jumbo lump crab meat is mixed with seasonings, dressings and fresh corn to form delicious and tender crab cakes. These come to you fully cooked and just need to be reheated in the oven.

Turkey Pumpkin Chili

Sweet, nutty and loaded with vitamin A, this offbeat chili has a fantastic flavor. Chili is topped with a dollop of sour cream and chopped cilantro and paired with mini corn muffins with or without jalapenos. Gluten free and high in fiber.

Chicken Marbella

This classic chicken dish is straight from the Silver Palate gourmet store in Manhattan. Whole chicken pieces marinated in red wine vinegar, brown sugar, garlic, olives, prunes and capers make  a light but luscious sauce that  keeps the chicken moist and is fabulous for dripping crusty bread.

Curried Pork Stew with Potatoes and Green Beans

This stew is hearty but light, high in fiber and only 250 calories per serving. Boneless pork is cooked with green curry paste, potatoes, carrots and green beans. This dish is served with warm naan bread and cranberry-apricot chutney.

Farfalle with Roasted Chicken and Sun Dried Tomato Cream Sauce

Tender roast chicken is tossed with savory sun dried tomato pesto cream sauce. This dish is family friendly and great for kids.

Autumn Chicken Thighs with Squash, Yams and Dried Apricots

Moist chicken thighs are sautéed with autumn seasonal vegetables to create a hearty Moroccan one-dish meal. This dish is loaded with vitamins and minerals and low in fat.

Orecchiette with chicken meatballs: “Little ears” is the nickname for this fun pasta. Rustic tomato sauce paired with whole milk mozzarella and hand rolled chicken meatballs create a delicious but light summer pasta dinner

Award Winning Two Bean Chili: What award you ask? My neighborhood chili contest, of course! You pick your heat. I can make this as spicy or as mild as you prefer. Kindney and black beans, beef, tomatoes, spices, brown sugar and larger beer create complex flavors that are screaming for a football game.

Roadhouse Burgers: I’ve been making these burgers for years. Top quality beef is mixed with spices, mustard, egg, breadcrumbs and other special secrets to make the most moist and flavorful burgers you’ve ever tasted.  No really, try them!